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CAREhab Takes A Pause

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CAREhab Takes A Pause

In 2020 CAREhab organised our first virtual edition on the custom-built CAREhab GO platform. It was a milestone for us amidst unprecedented circumstances. We also started a series of web engagements for the community to continue sharing, learning and networking.

It was difficult not to do all of these in person, as we usually do, but the healthcare community, including partners like you, responded positively to CAREhab 2020 and related engagements. We are immensely grateful for your support.


As the pandemic continues into 2021, the organising committee has decided to take a pause this year as it thoroughly assesses the evolving business environment, what it means for the healthcare community, how we can adapt to serve the community’s needs, and the role CAREhab can play in progressing Asia’s healthcare and rehabilitation agenda.


It is hence with deepest regret that we announce the cancellation of CAREhab 2021, as we undertake this review.


Constellar remains committed to Asia’s healthcare community and will continue to drive innovative experiences that complement sharing, learning, networking and collaboration needs. We look forward to staying in touch, and sharing updates with you on our plans moving ahead.


In the meantime, if you would like to know more about CAREhab, Constellar or partnership opportunities, please contact the team at  

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